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Stand UP Licensing Package

Host your own inspiring live production at your school or organization!

Stand UP is a Musical Production, developed for students in grades 3 – 8. The production centers around the experience of Stephanie, a shy high school student who auditions for the annual talent show.  Her nerves get the best of her because her classmates filmed her humiliating audition and posted it on social media.  Stephanie cries herself to sleep and feels isolated.   In a dream a boy she knew in kindergarten named Ian appears in a dream to show her the different situations of why people bully and the struggles that they are going through behind the scenes. Stand UP addresses the causes and impacts of bullying in students.  The production challenges students to reflect on their own experiences and helps students foster self-awareness and good decision making skills when faced with challenging situations.  By viewing Stand UP, students are empowered to feel connected, empathetic, and resilient.

We provide everything you need to host your very own performance of Stand UP the Musical

The Stand UP package includes the following:

       - Stand UP Script - Middle School Version (includes song lyrics)

       - Sheet Music - 7 songs

       - MP3 Soundtrack with vocals - 7 songs

       - MP3 Backtrack (no vocals) - 7 songs

We are happy to make this package available to all schools, theatre groups and organizations for a suggested donation of $250. 

SUSO is partnered with The Connecticut Commission on Women, Children, Seniors, Equity and Opportunity and has 501c3 status.  All donations support efforts to deliver  inspiring and relatable bully prevention films, musical showcases and licensing options  to children and families around the country.

For more information or to license this package contact

Jill Nesi at

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