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Ethan Song

This is the true story of the final days of Connecticut teen Ethan Song who was unintentionally shot and killed with an unsecured firearm kept in a shoebox at a neighbor's home.  This film provides a touching and informative lesson on preventable gun violence with a message about safe gun storage. 

Directed by Nick Rapuano of Old Neighborhood Films.  

Winner of the Block Island Film Festival's coveted Social Awareness Award.

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Robin Fox from Social Eyes has teamed up with the Songs to produce a ground-breaking educational guide that schools and organizations can adopt  to teach gun safety.  For more information on this guide, please email Social Eyes at


Ethan's Law is a Connecticut and National safe gun storage law that passed overwhelmingly as a result of this tragedy.  Ethan's parents, Mike and Kristin Song are now working on a national bill and education programs that will save lives and protect children.  

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The Ethan Miller Song Foundation

The Song family honors Ethan's life through actions to help keep kids safe. The Ethan Miller Song Foundation was created with the mission to develop and support programs and causes that keep kids safe, rescue neglected animals and honor veterans - all things close to Ethan's heart. 

Ethan's Law passed in the CT House in 2018, this new law requires all firearms, loaded and unloaded, to be safely stored in homes occupied by minors under 18 years of age.  Efforts are now being placed on national adoption of Ethan's Law.

A Message from
Senator Richard Blumenthal

Ethan Song In the News

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Ethan Song Film Trailer
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