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Social-Emotional Learning Through The Arts

Stand UP & Speak OUT (SUSO) is an empathy and connection through the arts initiative that creates award winning films and live productions with sustainable educational components. These productions are accompanied by Social Emotional Learning (SEL) tools to build a more harmonious world one song and story at a time. 

SUSO is the ONLY academic driven, research driven and data informed organization that produces influential films  with life-long lasting impact that addresses gun violence (Ethan Song), bullying (Stand UP) and addiction (Finding Hope).

Additionally live productions are returning in the fall of 2022 with live performances of Stand UP coming to a theatre near you.  This show features youth performers addressing bullying with kindness and empathy as a way to address it. Click here for more information about our live productions.


Students need guidance to successfully navigate the social and emotional challenges before them.  Through SUSO, students are empowered to feel connected, empathetic, and resilient.  These films, performances and educational components are desperately needed right now!

SUSO is partnered with The Connecticut Commission on Women, Children, Seniors, Equity and Opportunity and has 501c3 status.

Our Films

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Ethan Song

The True Story of the final days of Connecticut Teen Ethan Song.

A touching and moving lesson on preventable gun violence. 

Winner of Block Island Film Festival's coveted Social Awareness Award.

Click here to learn more and to view the film trailer.

Stand UP

Stand UP helps students understand both the causes and impacts of bullying, fosters self awareness and decision making skills, and challenges students to reflect on their own experiences.

Click here to learn more and to view the film trailer.

Finding Hope

Through the eyes of Hope, a 16 year old with a troubling and life threatening secret, we witness the tragedy surrounding the opioid crisis and the affects it causes with her mother and community.

Click here learn more and to view the film trailer.

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Ethan Song Film Festival awards and nominations